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ROG Ally X First Look

The ROG Ally X only comes in black compared to the original Ally’s white color, but it’s also a much more comfortable device overall.
Photo: Kyle Barr / Gizmodo

It’s barely been one full trip around the sun, but Asus and its ROG Ally are back for another crack at the gaming handheld crown. Like the Steam Deck OLED before, Asus now has a new version called the ROG Ally X. It has a better battery, RAM, and redesigned chassis. And yes, it now comes in black.

It’s been talked up by Asus and leaked from hell and back. Still, the most interesting things about the redesigned Ally aren’t necessarily its specs (though you should be excited by potentially double the battery life) but its rejiggered ergonomics. This gaming handheld was the most comfortable device I’ve held since the Steam Deck, thanks to some subtle but welcome changes to the backplate, the joysticks, and its triggers.

It’s way too early to tell if these upgrades will make the best Windows handheld out there. However, in my short time with it, I’ve already put it in the running for best Windows gaming handheld and a clear, expensive competitor to Valve’s Steam Deck OLED.

Click through the slides to get a better look at the ROG Ally X in all its black, glowy glory.

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