Mercedes-AMG Project One Show Car


It might not have the highest top speed, but the Mercedes-AMG Project One Show Car is undoubtedly as close as you can come to driving an F1 car off-track. Its 1.6L V6 engine and electrically assisted turbo come directly from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing car. Four electric motors in total are used throughout the car — one integrated into the turbo, one installed directly on the engine with a link to the crankcase, and two helping to drive the front wheels. In total, the system produces over 1,000 hp and makes possible a 0-112 mph time of under six seconds and a top speed of 217. The battery cells and cooling system are also taken straight from the race car, a link reinforced by the two-seater’s F1-style steering wheel. The engine and eight-speed manual/automatic transmission are load-bearing and entirely support the rear suspension, while the lightweight carbon fiber monocoque body keeps weight down. The car will be on display at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt and is just the latest step towards the upcoming production model.

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