Keep a Watchful Eye on the Weather With 80% off a Weather Hi-Def Radar Lifetime Subscription

Get a lifetime subscription to this weather app for less.
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How often do you look up at the sky thinking you’re going to have a sunny day when the rain starts to pour? If that’s an every day kind of thing, you need a weather app. For weather intel that goes way beyond your average forecast, check out the Weather Hi-Def Radar Storm Watch Plus app. This intuitive weather tool provides an interactive map with real-time and future radar images, so you can visually track storms, hurricanes, and more. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to the app for just $30, which is 80% off the normal price of $150. So you can have a reliable radar and tracking system to use no matter where you are in the world for the lifetime of the app – which is, honestly, a very sweet deal.

Weather Hi-Def Radar Lifetime Subscription | $30 | StackSocial

Stay safe with alerts that notify you of nearby severe weather like lightning strikes and heavy precipitation, and the app can even give you a crystal clear view of the skies with sharp, full-screen radar visuals. That means you don’t have to guess anymore about what the weather is gonna do when you leave the house. Whether you have to keep an eye on icy roads, watch out for flooding, or potential tornadoes, or incoming snowfall, this app can do it all. And this one-time fee means it’s yours for life. Don’t let not knowing the weather ruin all your plans. Have a meteorologist in your pocket ready to handle everything – on the cheap!

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