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Dubuc Tomahawk

This Canadian start-up aims to launch the 2 + 2 sports car in 2017 for customers who place refundable $5,000 deposits now. The company doesn’t say what the exact cost will be because the reservation contract is apparently not yet final, but it does estimate the car’s retail value to be $110,000.

Interestingly, the company is specifically targeting professional athletes, who are known for their willingness to spend money on cars, by designing the Dubuc Tomahawk with abundant cabin space for oversized drivers. This fairly overwrought video gives some glimpses of the car in motion, but not a ton of information is served up with the high-speed hyperbole.

So for about the price of a Tesla Model S P90D, you can cruise in this sleek two door coupe. Dubuc provides few technical details, so we don’t know how powerful the electric motor is or how large the battery pack is, but they do say its driving range is 300 miles. [MAXIM]

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