Big Time Savings on Kelvin 8, the Must-Have Multi-Tool Device for Any Situation

This device is a lot like MacGuyver — but a lot more helpful.
Image: Kelvin 8

With increasingly unpredictable weather and climate patterns creating dangerous conditions, you should be prepared for almost any emergency, whether at home, if you regular drive, enjoy camping, hunting or other outdoor activities. Kelvin 8 has a deal on the must-have, life-saving multi-tool that’s been seen on NBC, Fox, Newsnet and Today: Buy 1 for $40 – and save $20. Buy 2 and get 1 free for $120 – and save $60.

Kelvin 8 | Buy 1 for $40 | Kelvin 8

Kelvin 8 | Buy 2, Get 1 Free for $120 | Kelvin 8

Kelvin 8 is multi-tool device that’s small enough to stuff in a glovebox, a backpack or a kitchen drawer that unfolds into eight fully functional emergency tools, each designed for a different need. This life-saving device includes a 2000 maH lithium powerbank, with a hand crank to manually generate power. If you stranded in the wilderness with a dead car battery and a dying (or dead) phone battery, you could ensure that your phone has enough power to call for help. The device features a 4-mode LED flashlight with a beam that’s powerful enough to help you find what you need and avoid obstacles. The flashlight also comes with a powerful SOS signal and 100 decibel alarm to attract help. There’s a seatbelt cutter and window breaker for escaping extremely dangerous situations, like being trapped in your car. There’s an electronic strobe with 4 magnets that you can affix to your vehicle for visibility and safety. The Kelvin 8 will give you complete peace of mind, in almost anything you do – and you can save a ton on one for yourself and devices for your loved ones.

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