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Arcadia Power Will Knock $75 Off Your Next Power Bill

We all know solar panels can lower your power bill, and they’re good for the planet. But let’s get real: Who can afford these things?

Ah, but a company called Arcadia Power lets you take advantage of solar energy — without any of the normal cost or headache of installation. You don’t even need your own solar panels.

If you live in Rhode Island, Arcadia will let you take advantage of solar projects in your area — plus, it will knock $75 off your next power bill. And the best part? You don’t have to install solar panels or even switch power companies to make this happen.

It’s totally free (and you’re helping the environment). Here’s how to get started:

  1. Click here to check your availability. Just enter your ZIP code and energy provider.
  2. Arcadia will show you the community solar projects in your area you can subscribe to — and how much money you’ll save each month.
  3. Connect your utility account to Arcadia (it’s super easy). Then just pay your power bill like normal, except now through Arcadia — and for cheaper.

Your free $75 will be credited to your next electric bill. Nearly half a million people have already done this, and it only takes a couple minutes for you to activate your free account.



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