Amazon Fire TV Stick! Easiest and Fastest Way 2017 (Install Kodi) ? : LGTV Review

In this show I’ll be helping you to cut the cord. Please keep in mind this is not a jailbreak, so your stick will remain virtually the same other than the fact that you get to watch thousands of movies and tv shows. This method should work with ANY version of Kodi.

And if you haven’t purchase your fire stick what the hell are you waiting for???
2017 All new (orange packaging) Amazon Fire Stick:
Amazon Fire TV (better version):


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  1. Hey! Just was wondering if this video was taken on June 6th?? I’m trying to get Kodi to install an add on and haven’t had any luck! Great demo btw.. I’m thinking of going and buying a new stick but read some other blogs that have said that Kodi may possibly not be allowing anymore streaming add ons about a week ago.

    1. Hey Alissa, I think some of the links are getting blocked 🙁 i been having some issues myself, I need my free tv…

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