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25 of the Best Lego Star Wars Sets From 25 Years of Lego Star Wars

Image: Lego

This year is a very important one for Star Wars, as it looks to its future in shows like The Acolyte and its plans to return to the big screen, and as it reflects on its past with the anniversary of prequel trilogy kickoff The Phantom Menace. But 2024 is also important for one of Star Wars’ other great loves: the history of its merchandise, and in one particular case, arguably one of the most important Star Wars toylines ever made.

That is, of course, not the action figures this time, but Lego Star Wars. The first licensed range for the brick-building toy company launched in 1999, anchored in a series of sets inspired by the original movies and The Phantom Menace, and immediately changed both Lego and Star Wars alike for the next 25 years. From the smallest set to the wildest, big-ticket models of our dreams, there have been so many incredible playsets and models recreating iconic ships, characters, and moments, over and over—and Lego shows no signs of slowing down, with dozens of new sets this year that both celebrate the anniversary and just keep on bringing us new things to build from across the whole Star Wars franchise.

To celebrate the occasion, here’s our pick of 25 of some of the best sets that Lego’s ever made for Star Wars, from historically important points in the line’s evolution, to the best model-making and engineering the company has to offer, to imaginative playsets and more—and some of our own nostalgic favorites along the way.

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