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2003 Ferrari Enzo | Uncrate

It seems almost quaint now, the idea that Ferrari would sell a thinly-disguised race car completely ill-suited for bumper-to-bumper traffic in major metropolitan areas and with just enough creature comfort to maintain a veneer of civility. The Enzo followed in the footsteps of the 288 GTO, F40, and F50 — halo cars that distilled Ferrari’s racing experience in a street-legal car. The Enzo, named after the man himself, was Ferrari’s final word on performance at the time, with a 6-liter, 651 horsepower V12 mounted in a carbon-fiber chassis, only 400 of which were produced. This 2003 example is present in classic black over a black interior and was delivered new to France, and surprisingly, has been driven just over 10,000 miles in its nearly 20-year lifetime. The car received its sought-after Ferrari Classiche Red Book in 2009 and has had a recent servicing that included a new clutch. The car goes to auction February 1st in France.

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