The Small Buy Powerful Geekom Mini IT12 Is Down to Just $389

Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Get yourself the full desktop experience while saving space on top of your desk with the help of a mini PC. Geekom has some great options, some of which are discounted at the moment. The Mini IT12 runs on your choice of an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and can be upgraded further to get a full 1TB of storage with 32GB of RAM. As far as ports go, these little boxes have two HDMI, two USB 4.0, and four USB.

Mini IT12 i5-12450H 16GB RAM+512GB SSD | $389 | Geekom | Promo Code Gizmodoit12

Mini IT12 i5-12450H 16GB RAM+512GB SSD | $389 | Amazon | Promo Code 7AECIMLM

Normally the Geekom Mini IT12 starts at $649, but they’re listed right now for just $409. That’s not all though. At Geekom, you can use the code Gizmodoit12 to get it for just $389. At Amazon, use the code 7AECIMLM.

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