The Best Deals to Shop on July 14, 2021

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Apple recently rolled out a pair of new iPad Pro models, and they share some big upgrades: notably the immensely powerful new M1 processor, the same one seen in the latest MacBook and iMac models. They also offer optional 5G support, if you want to pay extra for that model. But the larger 12.9” iPad Pro has an extra upgrade that the 11” edition lacks: a dazzling new miniLED screen.

Gizmodo’s Caitlin McGarry writes:

“With a new miniLED display that puts an equivalent of Apple’s $5,000 Pro Display XDR in a smaller, cheaper package, plus the M1 chip and its performance gains, the 2021 iPad Pro is basically a perfect piece of hardware. There is no better tablet on the market.”

Not everyone needs a tablet this large, lavish, or expensive—but if you’ve been eyeing one, there’s good news: Amazon is already slashing $100 off the price of the base model, dropping it to $999. And if you prefer the 11” form factor, that model is $50 off at $749.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K is a great little streaming dongle with all of the power of Alexa at its disposal, and it’s down to $30 on Amazon when you use promo code FIRETV21 at checkout. This device has loads of apps to watch all your favorite movies and shows, presented in dazzling 4K resolution for supported content. It’s 40% off the list price right now.

For a first-gen Apple product, the new MacBooks featuring the company’s own custom chipset reviewed surprisingly well, even from our friends at Gizmodo. And now, the M1-equipped 13″ MacBook Pro is discounted $199 off the list price of the base model with a 256GB SSD (now $1,100), while the larger-capacity 512GB model drops to $1,300 thanks to the same savings. That’s the steepest savings we’ve seen to date.

Here’s what Gizmodo’s Joanna Nelius had to say in her review of the powerful new MacBook Pro:

I do all my work and play on PC, but Apple’s M1 processor has me wondering if I really need a Windows PC for my next laptop. This is the first time in all my years of computing—ever since my dad sat me in front of a keyboard as a toddler—that I’ve ever considered getting a Mac.

If there’s a young, voracious reader in your life, consider empowering their reading habit with a Kindle Kids Edition. This child-friendly version of the popular e-reader has a two-year worry-free guarantee, which means Amazon will replace it regardless of how it met its grisly demise.

But there’s more: the included one-year Amazon Kids+ subscription (formerly FreeTime Unlimited) provides access to loads of kid-friendly books, such as the entire Harry Potter series and quite a bit more. It has parental controls built-in too, of course, and unlike Amazon’s Fire Kids Edition tablets, this e-reader doesn’t have things like apps, games, and videos available: just books.

Save $40 off the list price right now at Amazon. The 10th-gen Kindle itself comes in just one color, but you can choose from one of four different cover designs to suit your kid’s style and personality. The Kids+ membership renews at $3/month after the included year’s worth ends, if you’re keen on keeping it.

Ring lights are literal game-changers whether you are on an office zoom, recording a TikTok, or even just doing your makeup. These simple add-ons can completely change pictures and videos with almost no effort on your part. Take $9 off Ergopixel’s Ring Light accompanied by a sturdy 6.8-foot tripod,

This is a pretty standard ring light with three lighting modes, each with eleven levels of brightness. The tripod extends as high as six feet high and can get as low as four feet. It is pretty secure and will stay in place regardless of your phone weight. And yes, the phone holder is compatible with most models and brands, including iPhones and Samsungs. This setup offers a few features other cheaper ring lights don’t. Opal glass for smooth transmissions, a translucent grid pane to split beams, and an aluminum film for wider reflection. The ring light is eight inches across, and this set is lightweight, compact, and easy to set up anywhere. This is an excellent deal for a simple upgrade to all your creative endeavors.

This will ship for $3.

If your kid is pestering you for a smartwatch and/or you’re looking for a way to encourage and incentivize physical activity, then Garmin’s Vivofit Jr. activity tracking band might be a good option. It’s a kid-sized and kid-styled fitness band with a small screen for showing the time and tracked steps, plus it’s swim-friendly and can be used with a companion app to reward activity, chores, and other tasks. It’s half-off the list price at just $40 at Amazon right now in multiple styles.

Chromebooks are cheap and solid laptops—we know this, but sometimes we’re still shocked by just how affordable they can be. Case in point: Walmart is currently selling this compact 11” Acer Chromebook model for a mere $129. That’s $100 off the list price.

It’s no powerhouse, but it should do just fine with apps like Chrome, Gmail, Docs, Maps, YouTube, and more. Walmart customers give it a strong 4.4-star rating, and this notebook will receive Chrome OS updates through June 2026.

No, it’s not an iPad—but Amazon does right by parents with its Fire Kids Edition tablets. And they’re all on sale right now.

As you’ll see from the image, they’re wrapped in a thick rubber shell/convertible stand that helps protect it from dings and drops. Still, kids will find a way to break almost anything, and Amazon is ready there too. Each Kids Edition tablet has a 2-year worry-free guarantee, so if your child still manages to bust the thing, you’ve got a free replacement coming.

Amazon’s marketplace has a wide array of games, apps, books, and streaming services available, and the Kids Edition comes with the handy bonus of a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+ (FreeTime Unlimited). The gated-off service provides a wealth of kid-friendly content within a colorful launcher, and then you can choose whether or not to pay monthly once the year is done.

Right now, Amazon is knocking $40 off the 7″ tablet, $50 off the 8” HD tablet, or $70 off the recently-upgraded 10″ HD tablet making it an ideal time to bring one (or more) of these durable devices into your family. Grab ‘em in multiple colors.

If you’re in need of a new home workstation, now’s a good time to buy. Apple’s recently refreshed Mac Mini, powered by the company’s M1 chip, offers speeds up to eight times faster than competing processors, and reviews have all noted how impressive the chip’s performance gains are. The chip is in the company’s new 13″ MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but the Mac Mini is notably cheaper. As long as you won’t need to lug your computer around, the Mini’s a great computer for home use.

Right now, the base 256GB model is $99 off the list price, marked down to $600. You’ll save even more on the higher-capacity 512GB model, which is $79 off, landing at $819. In both cases, the full savings will be shown at checkout.

Apple decided to forgo having a plug included in their new iPhone 12, for environmental reasons. However, in order to get the full wired charging speeds or use their MagSafe charger effectively, one still needs to use a 20W charger, and any older plugs you have from Apple won’t fulfill that.

This is where the Anker Nano Charger comes in, where you can easily plug into your USB-C to Lightning Charger, or the MagSafe accessory, and reap the benefits of fast charging. It’s one of the smallest 20W chargers you’ll find and can be used with your fave Apple phones or with Androids, up to you. Right now, you can grab two of them for $25 at Amazon.

Summer blockbusters are a thing again— but after you remember how expensive movie theaters are, you’re going to be looking for some good deals to make up for that expense. Why not have movie night at your place instead by spending that movie theatre snack money on this Insignia 39″ LED HD Smart Fire TV? It’s just $190 today at Amazon.

This is a Fire TV, so it comes out of the box ready to go with the top streaming apps already installed. What’s more, you can control the TV through your voice— all you have to do is press the microphone button on your remote and give a command to Alexa to launch apps, search for shows, play music, and more.

This 24% off deal might not last, so get it while you can! This item ships for free.

It’s basketball season, baby! And not because of the actual, real life. It’s because Space Jam is coming back and everyone’s mad about it. Let’s go! LeBron James is going to star in a new sequel and adults are raging about it because Warner Bros. cut the cartoon skunk that kisses women from it. Also, people are angry because Lola Bunny … you know what, let’s not get into this. Instead, here’s something less infuriating. NBA 2K21 is on sale for $13. This game features LeBron James, but also lacks playboy skunks and hot rabbits, so it’s basically a Space Jam video game.

There is a sale right now on a figurine of everyone’s favorite Star Wars hero and secret sith lord, Jar Jar Binks. This figurine is part of the Black Series collection to commemorate 50 years of LucasFilm. Even though Jar Jar hasn’t even been with us for even half that time yet, it somehow feels like its been hundreds and hundreds of years. You can get your 6 inch tall buddy at Best Buy for $15.

The brutal and beautiful Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is one of the best games you can play on your Nintendo Switch you can grab a physical copy from Best Buy for $44 right now. If you’re looking for a fun platformer to play either solo co-op that’s a bit tougher than the latest Super Mario Brothers 2D sidescrollers, definitely give this ported Wii U title a shot. We don’t know how long this price will last, so don’t turn into a Cranky Kong if you miss out.

Pandemic | $19 | Amazon

Pandemic | $19 | Amazon
Image: Joe Tilleli

Pandemic is one of the best co-op board games you can own, and right now, Amazon has it for $19. Here’s the gist: You and up to three other friends will need to work together to survive save the world. And if you think you can handle that, right now is an incredible time to buy. It’d be fun to roleplay this kind of situation that we’ll probably never have to experience in real life.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is down to $10 today at Amazon. Considering that the RPG only came out a couple years ago, that’s a very low price. Kingdom Hearts 3 concludes the Disney/Final Fantasy hybrid trilogy that will most assuredly get another installment somewhere down the line.

The Kingdom Hearts series is known for a lot of things. Action, story, characters, you name it. But it also features some iconic music. Who among us won’t belt out Simple and Clean every time we hear that hook? Then there’s the criminally underrated Sanctuary, which is my personal favorite. That’s not even to mention the series’ original score. If you want all of the tunes from Kingdom Hearts without all of the RPG shenanigans, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is on sale for $20 today. This rhythm game features over 140 tracks to play on in both shingle and multiplayer modes. If you’ve always been interesting in Kingdom Hearts, but too intimidated by it, hell, why not just play this and call it a day?

At E3 this year, Nintendo shocked fans by not only announcing Tekken’s Kazuya would be joining the Super Smash Brothers roster, but also by having him toss the dead bodies of the rest of said roster off a cliff. Both brutal and true to character, Kazuya dominated the E3 conversation that day. And now, you can bring this brutality to bath time in the form of an adorable Kazuya rubber ducky that also looks like it wants to kill you in your most vulnerable state. I have never seen a rubber ducky cracking its knuckles until now, but here ya go. It’s $15 on Amazon so go order yours up today.

While Final Fantasy X and its divisive sequel aren’t quite the most fondly remembered in the longstanding JRPG series, it does hold up better than most of the games which preceded it, even without the full-on makeover treatment that graced Final Fantasy VII last year. Yes, it’s true, Final Fantasy X and X-2 for Nintendo Switch is merely a remaster of the original games, their assets upscaled for a more recent console than their native PS2. Still, with 60 rearranged music tracks, it sounds better than ever. Plus you get to experience the infamous Tidus laugh all over again—in breathtaking high definition.

No matter how you feel about the Sphere Grid upgrade system or blitzball mini game (my wife loves it, I’m inclined to disagree), much of the series’ charm is still intact. The move to a “conditional turn-based” (CTB) combat system, as opposed to its former active time-based, remains controversial to this day. However, compared to modern-day entries like Final Fantasy XV, it’s much more comparable to its predecessors. And for Kingdom Hearts players who never got around to it, you’ll finally get to know Wakka, Rikku, and Auron on a deeper level. For $20, maybe it’s time to finally give Final Fantasy X a shot, or revisit it for the first time in over a decade and indulge in some nostalgia.

If you haven’t jumped on the Hitman 3 bandwagon yet, you might want to. Critics and fans alike praised the stealth action game, calling it a perfect capper to the World of Assassination trilogy that features some of the series’ best murder playgrounds yet. If that’s enough to convince you to pick up a copy, Both the Xbox and PS5 versions of the game are down to $40. The game supports cross-progression with previous games so long as you stay within the same “family” of platform (PC to PC, PS4 to PS5, Xbox One to Xbox Series X).

I finally dipped my toes into NieR: Automata this past month. Everyone I know who’s played through it has absolutely raved about this game. I gave it a shot and died thirty minutes in which reset me to the start. Thirty minutes later I died in the same spot and then turned it off because I’m bad at video games. I’m going to go back in on an easier difficulty because, from what I heard, the beginning is surprisingly more difficult then the bulk of the game and there are others like me who struggled with it. Anyway, if you’re someone is good at video games, or maybe even just slightly competent, then maybe you’ve already beaten it and now want to play NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… or maybe you’d like to dip into this one first since it’s actually a remake of the game preceding NieR: Automata. The choice is yours. All I know is that my friends who have played this all sing praises and claim it will change your life. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is $40 for both Xbox and PS4. Go pick it up.

The Souls games have been a powerhouse of the past decade of gaming kicking off with the first game in the franchise, Dark Souls. What’s that? There was a game before Dark Souls? Interesting. For whatever reason, the 2009 release Demon’s Souls sole an estimated 1.7 million while is follow-up, Dark Souls, sold over 25 million copies worldwide. By my calculation, that still at least 23.3 million of you fans who still haven’t played this game. Now is the perfect time to play the game the that started it all in is upgraded glory.

If Fast & Furious were to add a third F-word, it would be Family. Races and complete heists with fan-favorites of the franchise—Dom, Letty and Roman. The online mode has 3 team-based factions facing off. Pick a side in the fight between cops vs. villains vs. heroes. The deluxe edition includes the full game and season pass which comes with new cars, customization items and more, but unfortunately still not the ability to rename the franchise Fast & Furious & Family. You can get the game digitally on Xbox for only $28.

A good gaming headset is important. While players love to obsess over graphics, great audio can really add to an experience. Think of something like Resident Evil 2 and the sound of Mr. X’s slowly plodding in the distance, ready to absolutely wreck you. Or there’s something like Overwatch, where sound tell you exactly what abilities your opponents are using so you can turn around and run the other way. Video game sound design is an under-appreciated art that we salute. If that got you in the ole’ audio spirit, Amazon currently has a sale on the HyperX’s Cloud Alpha S gaming headset. You can grab the yours for $90, which is great for hearing all those blips and, dare I say, bloops in detail.

There is no shortage of ways to show your love for Animal Crossing, which has become a real merch mover since Animal Crossing: New Horizons dropped last year. Plushies, pins, socks, you name it! If you could stick a leaf on it, it wasn’t safe from Isabelle and company. Here’s another cute example of that today this very precious Nintendo Switch carrying case, on sale for $11. It features New Horizons’ now iconic leaf graphic and a cool mint and white color scheme. Beyond aesthetics, this slim case includes a few slots to carry game cards and a mesh pouch to throw your charger or earbuds in. It’s an all-in-one portable solution for your Switch. Pick it up if you want to broadcast your love of Animal Crossing to the whole world, more than you already do now.

Dyson’s cordless stick-like design has become the premium standard for home vacuums, delivering convenience and versatility in a device that has a very small footprint. We’re seeing other makers match that approach for less cash, and the Eufy HomeVac 11S Infinity is a key example of a more affordable alternative.

No doubt, the Eufy HomeVac 11S Infinity has a very familiar design, with suction power (120AW) that’s just above the Dyson V8 line and the added benefit of swappable battery packs, with two packs included in the box. Each offers up to 40 minutes of cleaning at the lowest suction setting, although that number drops considerably at the higher power levels.

It usually sells for $300, but right now Amazon is offering 30% off the HomeVac 11S Infinity in both black and white, landing at just $210. Customers give it a strong 4.3-star rating, and it comes with multiple attachments as well as a two-year warranty for the vacuum.

That $10 box of kitchen knives you picked up from Walmart works well for most things, but if you’re looking for consistent cuts—and, somehow, a safer blade—then you’ll want something a bit more serious.

Take a look at Kyoku’s 8″ Damascus chef knife, which uses an 8- to 12-degree edge. You know how a hot knife glides so effortlessly through butter? Well, that’s how this cuts, but for EEEEEVERYTHING. Get one for $69 when you clip the coupon on the page and use promo code KYOKUM6P.

By the way, the knife is gorgeous, as opined by Shep McAllister in his review:

At around $100, this isn’t a budget knife by any means, but it’s not an outrageously expensive one either, and it has a lot to offer for that price, both aesthetically and practically.

Everybody poops, as we’ve been told, so no one should ever feel bad but alleviating some of the aftermath is not only pleasant for you but super thoughtful if you cohabitate. Poo-Pourri has been on the market for a few years and is an extremely charming solution to a common life issue. Today take 53% off this yuletide selection of the Toilet Spray.

There are four 2 ounce bottles in this pack and just in time for the festive season. I got a sample box when they first emerged, and I can say this stuff actually works. The floral scents are obviously more traditional and among the company’s best-sellers. So if you’re looking to make your powder room more pleasant this summer, you can pick from Deja Poo (white flowers and citrus), Ship Happens (coconut freesia and citrus), Trap A Crap (cedarwood and citrus), Cloud Berry (daisy and vanilla), and Sweet Violet (violet and honey). Just spray the bowl before you get down to business and never worry again. We actually have one of these upstairs in case either of the dogs has an accident. I can tell you it 100% masks the doggie doo in no time. Poo-Pourri doesn’t discriminate against excrement and works for everyone.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on Meh before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many.

Like a great many other products, Amazon has gotten into the business of making and selling its own dog food called Wag. It’s well-reviewed by customers and nutritional analysis suggests that it’s well balanced for health, with a lean protein as the first ingredient and no major red flags throughout the list.

If your dog already digs Wag or you’re looking to trial a new dog food, you can save up to 43% right now on an array of varieties and sizes, as well as Wag’s wet food, jerky treats, and dental chews. Be sure to browse the full selection for different varieties and size options. Compare it to what you’re feeding your pup right now: it might be cheaper and/or healthier, and you can do a Subscribe & Save order to have it delivered regularly with an added discount.

Believe it or not, Amazon is also now venturing into cat food with the just-launched Kitzy line, and they’re offering similar savings right now.

HEATD is a company that is dedicated to making all pets feel as comfortable as possible. But if you have an older fur friend, you know keeping them comfy is a priority, especially if they have arthritis or joint pain. HEATD’s tech brings this to your pets in the fastest and most efficient way, all with a cozy bed that’s 15% off.

There are three temperature settings depending on what the pupper requires, but it’s never hot enough to hurt them in any way. HEATD also made sure to add a timer to keep it all a little safer. This heat is delivered throughout the bed in an “M” shape to pinpoint where a good boy or girl might need a little extra soothing. It is all powered via a dual-port power bank that you can even charge your phone off of. And if you want a cooling option, flip the bed over and open up the velcro pouches and add an ice bag or two. It’s easy to wipe with a rag and is waterproof just in case there is an accident. You can put the cover only in the washer for convenience. Let it air dry, and you are good to go. Being a pet parent is a magical thing and giving your furry angels the best life is important. This bed is a great way to keep that promise to them.

This will ship for $3.

It doesn’t take a lot to give a pop of color or revamp a room to breathe new life into it. And it certainly shouldn’t break the bank. Wayfair is known for its insane sales, helping you do just that. With their Home Renovation Sale, take over 50% off select items across an array of categories. Take the summer to make little upgrades here and there, plenty of time left even with this deal.

This beautiful Ellerbe 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set is included in this sale. There are two colors of this model that are discounted. But the white is the best option both in value and blending with your current decor. Glossy white and made of ceramic and manufactured wood, this two-door cabinet gives you extra storage for your bathroom what-nots.

This Moris 1 Single Bell Pendant Light ($65) is the only one of its kind and is on sale in this honey ripple color. It absolutely makes me think of planets like Jupiter or Saturn. This lighting will fit right in for a NASA lover. Even the name sounds like an element in our solar system, Moris 1.

I’ve got my eye on this Cubeicals Shoe Storage Bench as an option to store my records in my room with a spot to place my turntable, so it doesn’t have to be just for shoes. Although this would look rather fetching in a hallway, it could be a nice solution to get them to put their kicks in one place if you’ve got little ones. Easy to assemble and made of manufactured wood, the espresso and dark cherry colors are currently on sale.

Everything here will ship for free.

The Echo Dot already hits the sweet spot of price and functionality for a voice assistant smart speaker, and the Echo Dot Kids Edition makes it more palatable for a child’s room or play space. It offers the same kind of functionality, but comes with a more adorable design—now with a tiger or panda face on the new globe-like shape—as well as a library of kids content via the included year of Amazon’s Kids+ content service.

Right now, you can pair an Echo Dot Kids Edition smart speaker with an Echo Glow lamp, which can change colors and is controlled by your voice, for just $55. That’s a $35 discount from the combined list price. You can also snag the Echo Dot Kids Edition by itself for $40, or $20 off list, if you’re not into the added Glow.

Everyone who drives should have some kind of charging device in their car at all times. In case of an emergency, you never want to be without your phone if and when you break down. Although I doubt we’ll be doing much traveling anytime soon, the Anker PowerDrive 2 Alloy will get you to and from work, school, or the grocery store while powering up two devices at once. Altogether, the PowerDrive 2 drives 24 watts of horsepower and is small enough to fit in your pocket at 2 inches long and 0.98 inches thick. Its plain black finish means it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your vehicle either.

Get the charger, a “welcome guide,” and an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty from Anker for just over $9 right now at Amazon. It doesn’t have all the fancy trimmings of Anker’s own 36-watt PowerDrive 3 Duo, but it gets the job done nevertheless. If all you need’s a no-frills accessory to juice up your phone on the go, the PowerDrive 2 Alloy is a worthy contender at an unbeatable price.

Smart locks are mighty convenient. Not only will you rid yourselves of incessant key-fumbling, you’ll also be able to set up guest profiles and give everyone their own unique codes. The Eufy Smart Lock Touch is one of the most interesting takes on this concept, but before we talk about why, know that you can get one for nearly $70 off the list price at Amazon.

So, this thing uses your fingerprint for entry alongside the traditional numerical code. Unlike many other smart locks, however, the Eufy Smart Lock Touch keeps all its information on local storage. In fact, there’s absolutely no Wi-Fi connectivity or remote control whatsoever. There is Bluetooth, however. That’s why it’s the perfect product for security paranoids. It’s also sleek, easy to install, and will withstand the daily elements with an IP65 rating.

And if you do want remote connectivity, you can add Eufy’s Wi-Fi Bridge for $46 to enable that functionality. Totally up to you.

Air Fryers are such a wild trend and just when I think it’s time has passed a deal like this pops up and everyone goes crazy. In all seriousness, my pals who have one love it. If you’re in the hunt this Bella Pro Series model is $40 less today only at Best Buy.

This 6.3-quart touchscreen air fryer is powerful and efficient to turn all your goods crispy and evenly cooked. The heat tech also makes sure you aren’t wasting energy as it preheats much fast than other fryers and convection ovens on the market. Although it might seem small it can handle up to five pounds of food at a time— so if you’re thinking of making a large fried chicken the Bella Pro can take it.

There’s auto-shutoff after an hour so no fear about accidentally leaving it on. This fryer is easy to clean because the pan and tray can go in the dishwasher. It’s simple to program for frying, broiling, roasting, reheating, and even dehydrating with very little oil. Literally savings all around. Plenty of new things to try once you get this nifty appliance in your kitchen.

This item will ship for free.

Now is a great time to start planning for sunny days and lounging. With the CDC saying gatherings are all good for the vaccinated, a day at the beach or lake is just what you need after the last year. So it’s time to get prepared. Disney is giving the house of mouse fans free shipping sitewide; use the code FREESHIP. This will work the rest of the day.

There is a lot of items for the little ones, obviously. If you have a tot or tween in your life that loves Disney or anything under their umbrella, you’re sure to find the right fit.

My beach towel from last year is included in this sale, and it held up just fine as my park/shore blanket. The R2-D2 Beach Towel is adorable, colorful, and can even be personalized with a name. It’s a great summer accessory for someone out of the world.

Bring your friendly neighborhood Spiderman poolside with this cute rash guard. Featuring Spidey’s logo, this comfy swim top will protect your little superhero from even the hottest sun. Built for the summer elements and a killer accessory for this year’s vacation.

Now for a bag to keep all your beach goodies safe while having a beach day. There are a few to pick from, but there is something charming about this Minnie Mouse Striped Swim Bag. The bag is made of durable PVC material on the outside, so it will keep your most important contains safe from sand and sea. But it’s definitely adorable with the delightful face of this sweet little mouse.

Oral care is important for a multitude of reasons. Simple measures and that extra step can make a huge difference almost immediately. Novashine’s Ultrasonic Toothbrush is ready to be the hero your teeth need. This comprehensive set is 24% and worth every penny.

The Novashine Ultrasonic Toothbrush produces 36,800 ultrasonic vibrations per minute. This power efficiently scrubs away the buildup of plaque, making your mouth a lot happier. It comes with five cleaning modes for a more personalized brushing experience. The head of the brush itself is made with Dupont bristles, making it gentle on your enamel and gums. It will run up to two hours off of on charge. With a compact and wireless charging port, this toothbrush offers the most convenient tooth brushing experience. Pick from black or white and receive a one-year warranty with it.

This will ship for $3.

Looking for an eye-catching and reliable timepiece? Need it to be tough but classic? Look no further than this Luminox Navy SEAL 3500 Series Watch. A great gift for you or a loved one, save 50% on this sleek watch that was only a store model, so it’s pristine.

This 46mm watch is both modern and tactical but still easy to read with the uni-directional rotating bezel and luminous-filled hands. This watch is accurate down to the second, thanks to the swiss quartz it runs on. And because it’s built for the Navy, it’s water-resistant and can handle depths of around 650 feet. With that kind of strength, this watch can more than handle a run in the rain or even the most intense workout. The strap is black rubber, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the same strength; it is comfortable and secure. This comes with a matching stainless steel case for safekeeping and a two-year Manufacturer’s warranty.

This will ship for $3.

If you’re an avid candle lover like me, a good lighter that can do its job at many angles is what you need. Dissim’s Inverted Lighter is a Kickstarter champion and can help with candles and more with a premium soft flame.

By using standard butane, this adjustable flame can be lit in pretty much any direction. And being butane, this lighter produces a low-temperature candle flame. It’s easy to get that flame going with the ergonomic grip and is stable for precision. The design is patent-pending but works brilliantly for angled flames. You’ll be able to refill the tank making this a huge upgrade from harmful disposable lighters. Rad sites like Hypebeast have recommended this lighter, and now we are adding to that list too. Grab this today for 16% less and light up your life.

This will ship for $3.

Whether you’re dealing with regular aches and pains or perhaps added soreness as you continue tackling fitness resolutions (keep going!), it might be the ideal time to pick up a percussion muscle massager to pummel away the pain.

Right now, Naipo is offering its massage gun for $59 on Amazon when you clip the coupon and input code 28AI32DB at checkout, a total savings of $91. It has five levels of intensity for working out your muscle pain and lasts up to seven hours per charge, plus it has five different massage head attachments for targeting different areas of your body.

A previous Amazon listing for this item showed a 4.8-star rating with more than 4,400 reviews, so customers are loving the powerful relief it brings.

If your dogs are barking after long days and you need some sweet relief for your feet, consider grabbing this Arealer Foot Massager Machine while it’s on sale. It’s currently $20 off the list price when you clip the coupon on the page.

Built to help treat an array of foot ailments, the Arealer Foot Massager Machine uses shiatsu kneading action along with heating and air compression to work through your aches and pains and help you relax. It has separate heating controls for each foot and has a remote control for easy adjustments, plus it has removable and washable foot sleeves for simple cleaning. It sits at a 4.2-star review average with 2,600+ customer appraisals.

Clueless defined a generation and continues to charm audiences to this day. Based on Jane Austen’s Emma, it is absolutely one of the most loyal adaptations. Beyond being a charming story, it was known for its fashion and slang that sparked a TV show and inspired every teen who watched. HipDot got a hold of the property and made this killer set to make you the most beautiful Betty at all of Bronson Alcott High. Save 25% on any one of these Clueless items and get a free gift with your purchase too.

This Lip Tinted Oil Set has three colors in red, nude, and mauve. Of course, these are named after the most popular girls in school Cher, Dionne, and Tai. It’s always good to draw attention to your mouth, especially when your crush is around. Let this set hydrate your pout and make it as glossy as possible.

HipDot makes beautifully designed palettes with vibrant colors that are formulated to last the whole day. Their 411 Pressed Palette for this line is no different. Mimicking Cher’s classic pink fluffy pen, never be a fashion victim with these twelve shades. The gorgeous pastels will have everyone calling you dollface.

Modeled after Cher’s iconic flip phone (what an era for technology), the Totally Clueless Blush Palette brings this whole vintage look together. Pick from any four colors and roll with the homies to your next party in the Valley.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

I’ve been using a few of 107’s products for a while and can say they know what they’re doing. As with most K-Beauty companies, their shining glory is skincare. 107 Beauty is no different, and one of their best-sellers is discounted for the rest of the month. Take 15% off anything on the site to celebrate the start of summer with glowing skin. Just used the code Honey107.

My favorite product from them is the Micro Drizzle Hydro Toner. Don’t be alarmed if you have a complexion a bit on the oily side. My t-zone can be a mess; this never made it worse, even with its hydration-focused formulation. Hyaluronic acid does wonders and is the main ingredient in many top skincare items on the market, so same here. After each use, my skin felt revitalized, refreshed, and ready for my moisturizer. It never disrupted anything for me and quickly became my number one toner. It’s absolutely lightweight and keeps my skin in top form for the majority of my day. It’s made from seven-year aged vinegar and Japanese camellia leaf extract, so it soothes your face even on your worst days or during a breakout. It was formulated to be used as often as you need and not upset your skin’s natural pH balance.

Free shipping on all orders over $40.


I’m more of a Pierce Brosnan guy myself (please don’t hate me!), but Bond is Bond, and if you refuse to watch him portrayed by anyone other than Daniel Craig, this deal is for you. Grab 007: The Daniel Craig Collection on 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray for just $43. It comes with four films, two of which MI6 buffs consider to be infallible royalty:

  • Casino Royale
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Skyfall
  • Spectre

And you’ll get digital copies of all these, too.

It’s rare that fans can whine about something and get what they want. Celebrate this victory by picking up the Snyder Cut in 4KUHD and then seeking out a 4K 4:3 television to watch it the way it was meant to be seen. This 4KUHD Blu-ray will release September 7th, 2021.

This super hero trilogy comes with 4K Blu-ray Man of Steel, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (yes that’s the Snyder Cut). I can’t get over the full title for Batman v Superman still. Was Dawn of Justice really necessary? We knew a Justice League movie would be coming out and there weren’t any full feature movies titled “Batman v Superman” before. And now with Ultimate Edition slapped on it, it sounds like a dang mobile game. Anyway this trilogy set also comes with brilliantly desaturated posters of each of our heroes as well as several illustrated posters. You can pre-order the trilogy on Amazon and it will be released September 7th, 2021.




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