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There are a wide range of devices available for consumers today that are internet and smartphone connected. It is often a struggle to decide whether to upgrade existing products with an add-on or make the investment in a new release that has these features built-in. Upgrading can be hit or miss and new products, especially appliances, can be pricey. With the impending arrival of Apple’s HomeKit, now is the time to get on the smart home train more than ever.

A new product called tado° has put air conditioning in its sights for a smart upgrade. We have seen smart AC units before, but the execution has at times left something to be desired. By adding tado° to an existing system, consumers have more options with the actual cooling unit, as long as the existing unit meets some requirements.

The Smart AC Control system by Munich-based tado° utilizes infrared to communicate air conditioning units, that means your system must have included a remote to be compatible. So the majority of older units are not going to be eligible for a tado° upgrade. Chances are, if you have bought one recently, you’re in luck. It works with split, in-window or portable units.


If you’ve used other smart home products, tado°’s interface and setup will seem familiar. It has an LED control panel that mounts on a wall with a capacitive touch display to make changes as needed. This small white box connects to your Wi-Fi enabling communication with your devices. Of course, it has an accompanying iOS and Android app that allows for adjustments from any location. Location data dictates tado°’s temperature changes, must like the Nest, it can turn your air conditioning off when you leave and start it up when you’re close to home. It also has If This Then That support, for communicating with our devices in your home.


The unit comes with a variety of other Bluetooth, humidity and light sensors that are not all currently being used, but CEO Christian Deilmann says that won’t always be the case:

Not all of them are being used right now,” explains Christian. “The beauty of connected devices is that they will get better with every update and all existing users will benefit in the same way as new customers.

Beginning today, the Smart AC Control system from tado° is available directly from the manufacturer for $199.

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