Skinny Jeans Are Still Stylish and These Levi’s Ones Are Only $40

Levi’s Women’s 720 High-Rise Super-Skinny Jeans | $40-$50 | Macy’s

As a petite short woman, I appreciate a cropped skinny jeans. My height doesn’t allow for much else, and honestly, I just feel comfy in a great pair of fitted skinny leg jeans. I won’t have a baby on TikTok tell me otherwise. If you’re still in this camp, grab a few pairs of Levi’s 720 High-Rise Super-Skinny Jeans for $40 or $50. The price changes based on what wash you are looking for and if you prefer a distressed look or a clean one. Both are sleek though.

Levi’s know jeans, and they made these pretty dang perfect. I have two pairs and basically live in them. They use HyperSculpt denim, which makes them super soft and sculpts where you want them to. Each pair is a cotton blend with three stretch lycra, so they are unbelievably comfortable for working at home or running errands. They absolutely hold the shape after multiple washes too. Grab a few in different colors because this is a steal of a deal.

This deal runs until April 22, and these will ship for free.

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