Sbode Bluetooth Portable TWS Wireless Speakers with FM Radio ? ⚡ ? : LGTV Review


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ In this show, I’ll be unboxing/reviewing the Sbode Bluetooth Speaker Portable Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Speakers Enhanced Bass, Sync Together, Built-in Mic, TF Card, Auto-Off, FM Radio for Beach, Shower & Home. Thanks for checking out my review! Let me know what you guys think!

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First Impression
Holding the speaker in your hands for the first time, you will immediately notice a unique and awesome feel to it. Covered in a woven mesh-like material and built with a solid, rugged feel, you knew you are in for a treat. There’s a sealed rubber flap that flips open to expose the aux-in port, micro sd card slot, micro USB charging port and a small reset hole. Most notably, you’ll notice two passive bass radiators on each end. These are one of our favorite inclusions as seem to really make a difference in the overall listening experience. More on this in the “sound” section below.

With the integration of dual acoustic drivers and passive bass radiators, mids, highs, and lows were all a pleasure to your ears. The crystal-clear sound is all that you will hear. Never will you hear a blip of distortion – even when the volume is cranked up to its maximum. Rap, rock, hip-hop, country and even classical music sounded fantastic. The lyrics never seem to become overshadowed by overwhelming bass as there seemed to be a perfect balance between high-end harmonies and thundering lows.

True Wireless Stereo
The “TWS” button also known as “true wireless stereo”, it lets you sync two M400 speakers together. What this does is mimic the effect of an actual stereo system by delivering dual-channel (right and left) audio. In the
right situation, this could make a real difference.

Sbode takes an extra step on making sure that the M400 Bluetooth speaker could handle the outdoors without any issues. That is IPX6 rating water-resistant. An IPX6 rating means that the speaker has been thoroughly and specifically tested to withstand both water and dust, but isn’t safe to be submerged in water. In other words, you can take it out in the dirt, rain, and wind, but you shouldn’t dip it in a pool or puddle of water.

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