Safely Take Your Browsing on the Go With This Portable VPN Router for 22% Off

Graphic: Austin Williams

Deeper Connect Air Portable VPN Travel Router | $169 | StackSocial

Are you the unique combination of being extremely online, always on the go, and very serious about your privacy? Well, you’re in luck. StackSocial has this portable VPN travel router on sale for $169. That’s 22% off its original price of $219. Among its many features, the router offers unbreakable military-grade encryption, the freedom to bypass geographic restrictions on content and websites, one-click parental controls, a powerful 300 Mbps connection for seamless streaming, a lightweight and compact design for ultimate portability, the connectivity to share secure browsing across five devices, and the ability to support over 80 Web 3.0 features. As if all that isn’t enough to convince you to try this thing out, it’s also subscription-free, meaning you’ll “enjoy a lifetime of secure browsing without any recurring costs,” per StackSocial’s product description. Did I mention it blocks all ads, including those seemingly unblockable YouTube ones? And that it offers protection both at home and on public Wi-Fi? (Duh. It is portable, after all.) And that it comes with completely free shipping? I don’t usually beg (at least not in public), but if you don’t buy this router for yourself, could you please buy one for me?

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