New AKB73756524 Remote Control fit for LG Smart TV 55LN5700 60LN5700 32LN570B 39LN5700 42LN5700 47LN5700 32LN5750 39LN5750 55LN5750 60LN5750 47LN5790 55LN5790 42LN5750 50LN5700 47LN5750 50LN5750, Now 90.03% Off

The AKB73756524 Remote Control, discount priced at 90.03% off, is the device any proud LG Smart TV owner needs to enhance their viewing experience. Compatible with multiple LG models including but not limited to the 55LN5700, 60LN5700, 50LN5750 and so many more, it is the epitome of convenience in the palm of your hands.

Transcending beyond the general functions of a regular remote, the AKB73756524 is designed specifically for LG Smart TVs. This allows for the seamless control of your television and its smart features, thus providing a smoother user experience. As a direct replacement, it doesn’t require any programming or setting adjustments. Simply insert new alkaline batteries and it’s ready to go.

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