Lynk & Co. 01


From the outside, it looks like any other crossover. But the Lynk & Co. 01 is unlike any car you’ve ever owned. Mostly because you don’t even need to own it. Developed by the Swedish engineers at Volvo, it’s super safe, handles well, and has all the technological feature’s you’d expect. Plus a big one you don’t. Thanks to its connected platform, it automatically tells the dealership when it needs serviced, so they’ll come and get it, leave a replacement, and drop your ride back afterwards. If you’re not using it for a few hours, just tell it when you’ll be back, and it will be available for others to drive, with the rental fees dropped into your account. And should you find yourself flying to a new locale, the app makes it just as easy for you to rent someone else’s car for a time, giving you access to “your” car, even if it’s really sitting in your driveway.

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