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Luna Smart Mattress Cover

We all want to be healthier and more productive, but it’s rare that we focus on one of the main triggers of those essential needs: good sleep. With the Luna Smart Mattress Cover, sleep becomes a priority again, and it’s never been smarter. Warm up the bed on a cold night before you are in the room using your smartphone or let Luna learn about your sleep habits and adjust using built-in sensors. The sensors allow for separate temperature zones for you and your partner, sleep quality tracking, and even a smart alarm that wakes you at an ideal time to minimize groggy mornings. And Luna doesn’t require a training manual to get started, but instead it integrates seamlessly into your life in minutes, and even mingles with other Wi-Fi and bluetooth connected devices in your home like thermostats, door locks, lights, and coffee makers. You can drop over a grand on a new mattress with one or two of the features Luna provides, or spend a fraction of the price and dive into the future of comfort and technology.

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