Get a Grip on Gardening with Buy Two Get One Free Gloves From FoxGloves

FoxGloves come in three colors, Periwinkle, Moss, and Iris.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Smashing through weeds is a sweaty, slippery enough job. Much easier with a durable pair of gloves that keep your hands clean and give extra grip. Gardening gloves from FoxGlove are offering a buy two, get one free deal on a pair of soft, breathable, sweat-resistant gloves perfect for those cool Spring days. Gardening can be stress-free when your hands and gloves aren’t getting eaten up from scrapes and tears. FoxGloves can be used for all kinds of activities, too, not just gardening; try using them, working on the car, or repairing the deck or fence. Since 1999, these gloves have been in the hands and gardens all over, and now you can have an extra lying around for a friend.

Gardening Gloves | Buy 2 Get 1 Free | FoxGloves

When it comes to gardening, at The Inventory we love being able to reliably and safely grip tools and equipment for the garden. The breathability of fabric and elastane-based materials makes the gloves both comfortable and durable the whole flowering season. When other grippy gloves are plasticky, turn to FoxGloves for all-day no-sweat, no-mess gardening.

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