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The rejuvenating energy of spring makes it a good time for any life change, but it’s an especially great season to revamp your wardrobe. As far as style is concerned, it marks a moment on the calendar when you can start buying pieces that’ll remain in your rotation for the rest of the year. Once you finally bury those beat-up snow boots at the bottom of your closet, you’re suddenly able to step into the warmer months with a fresh pair of sneakers that, if you‘re a smart shopper, will look just as stylish in November as they do in May. The key to this sort of spring-through-fall wardrobe versatility is minimalism; purposefully styling yourself with pieces so subtle they can be worn on any day that doesn’t call for weather-specific clothing. No brand is better built for such a simple sartorial philosophy than Dalgado.

Known for its sneakers, accessories, and lack of loud branding, Dalgado was founded with the goal of creating products that transcend seasons and trends. The fact that every sneaker made by the German design studio can be paired with a belt in the same color and material – a detail derived from the traditions of classic menswear – speaks to such timelessness. Available to you for 10% off upon subscription and your first online order, the brand’s bestsellers could become staples in your wardrobe throughout this season and the next.

Graphic: Austin Williams

Of course, among Dalgado’s bestselling men’s products are those matching sneakers and belts that I mentioned. Even if you aren’t the type to rock the oxfords and derbies the original arbiters of classic menswear wore back in their day, the matching belt and footwear rule still holds up when applied to modern style. A man will always appear his most dapper in a clean and coordinated look, even if that look is worn with sneakers instead of dress shoes.

Dalgado’s signature low-top sneakers – all featuring muted logo embossing so as to not disrupt their monochromatism – come in three types of leather: suede, smooth, and pebbled. If you’re a menswear traditionalist, you’ll appreciate the fact that each sneaker’s corresponding belt carries the same product name, like the deep blue suede Alfredo sneaker and belt pictured above. (I hope you also appreciate how hard it is for me to not make an Elvis Presley “Blue Suede Shoes” reference right now.)

Dalgado women's belts in nude, red, and olive green near The Inventory logo

Graphic: Austin Williams

Though the brand currently doesn’t make footwear for women (luckily, there aren’t as many rules about how ladies should match their accessories), Dalgado does offer a collection of women’s belts. Namely the nude smooth leather Alessia, red palmellatto leather Chiara, and olive green pebble leather Emilia belts pictured above – which all happen to be on sale right now for more than half off. Given that belts were the very first product Dalgado manufactured when it was first founded, with this discount, you’ll be getting a quality accessory that was perfected over many years for a fraction of what you’d normally pay for it.

Bags, socks, watches, and gloves are also available at the retailer. But all you need to get the ball rolling on elevating your all-season style is a single order and that 10% discount that comes with your subscription.

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