Buy 2 Get 1 Free Better Butts Bidet

Get cleaner than wiping could ever do.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Even if toilet paper isn’t at an all-time high cost anymore, prices are still skyrocketing on everything. When prices rise, one thing you don’t want to compromise on is personal hygiene, which is why Better Butts is offering a buy two, get one free deal for just $120. With a 5-minute install that doesn’t require special tools, put two of these around the house and forget worrying about restocking toilet paper ever again. Better Butts bidet offers clean butts everywhere without the wipe. For more information on this product, check out their website.

Better Butts Bidet | Buy 2, Get 1 Free | Better Butts

Not only is the Better Butts bidet so easy to install you don’t have to call a plumber, it cleans itself. The adjustable angle spray gets water to the right spots while also keeping future uses hygienic. It uses the same water from the shower, so you know it’s clean and ready to keep your butt clean for years to come.

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