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Tesla Cybertruck Interior Shown in Newly Leaked Photos

  • Two new photos of the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck were leaked this week.
  • The images show a squared-off steering wheel, familiar center screen, and a nondescript dashboard.
  • The photos appeared on the somewhat ironically named Cybertruck Owners Club forum.

Despite recent reports that production is nearing, along with a growing number of spy shots showing Cybertruck test mules, we still haven’t had a good look at the interior of Tesla’s first cargo-bed-toting model.

Now, nearly four years after CEO Elon Musk first announced the Cybertruck in 2019, we’re getting our first real look at the interior. One of the test mules was photographed at a recent Tesla shareholder meeting held in Texas, and the leaked image appeared on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, which is ironic because, well, there aren’t any Cybertruck owners.

The first photo was taken from the driver’s point of view and shows a few key details. Immediately obvious is the nearly octagonal steering wheel that takes on a shape somewhere between a standard round wheel and Tesla’s yoke-like tiller. No turn signal stalk is visible behind the wheel, with Tesla instead opting for capacitive buttons.

Yomama69/Cybertruck Owners Club

Like on the Model 3 and Model Y, the Cybertruck doesn’t have a traditional gauge cluster. This further throws the large, nondescript dashboard into sharp perspective. Given the unconventional shape of the Cybertruck, the lengthy flat dashboard isn’t all that surprising, but it looks uninspired nonetheless.

Like all other Teslas, the vast majority of the truck’s controls reside in the center touchscreen. The large horizontal display works with the steering wheel to break up an otherwise empty dash, which is devoid of any visible HVAC vents or charging outlets.

The center console seems to also fit in with the general theme of the Cybertruck. The sliding cover for the console looks to mimic the tonneau cover for the truck bed. Initially there were claims that the center console would fold up to create a third jump seat, though it is tough to tell from the leaked images if that is still the case.

Will we soon start seeing more of Tesla’s highly anticipated, albeit long overdue, electric pickup truck? Who knows, but we’ll keep an eye out for official details as well as leaks.

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