Refurbished 9.7” iPad Pro at 28% Off

This little iPad has it all for a bedside companion.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Ready for a new bedside buddy to scroll through socials and endless Netflix binges? This refurbished 9.7” iPad Pro is just what you need, and get this: it’s only $269, that’s 28% off the regular price. The Retina display True Tone is easy on your eyes, and a powerful processor gives it multi-tasking capabilities as a light work partner too. This iPad Pro comes with 256GB of storage for all the photos, apps, and videos for quick editing no matter where you go with it.

9.7” iPad Pro | 28% Off | StackSocial

Included in this refurbished iPad Pro package is more than the standard accessories. You get a pre-installed tempered glass, cover, stylus pen, and charger. The 10-hour battery life on the 9.7″ iPad Pro makes it easier than ever for those late-night movie marathons to keep going and going.

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