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Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, GLS, S-Class Add Night Series Option

  • Night Series special editions are coming to Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, GLS, and S-class.
  • The package features dark chrome exterior trim, rose gold elements, and exclusive interior color treatments.
  • They will be available starting with the 2024 model year.

“Let me tell you about the very rich,” F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote. “They are different from you and me.” One way they’re different is that they can afford a Mercedes-Maybach. One way they’re not so different, though, is that when it comes to their cars, they are drawn to darkness, just like regular folks. And so all three Mercedes-Maybach models are rolling out new Night Series trim packages, a move that echoes ones we’ve seen with the Ram 1500, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Kia Telluride, and countless others.

The details, of course, are somewhat different. Rather than going for a complete blackout treatment, the Maybach Night Series cars make use of dark chrome exterior trim. On the Mercedes-Maybach EQS680 SUV, dark chrome is integrated into the headlamps, features prominently in the lower air intakes, and is used for the Maybach logo on the black running boards. The side window trim is also black.


On the Mercedes-Maybach S580 and S680 sedans, the dark chrome exterior elements extend to the tailpipe finishers, while on the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, they include the stand-up hood ornament. All three get dark-finished wheels, and the GLS further adds dark anodized power running boards.

Additionally, trendy rose gold makes the jump from iPhone cases to automobiles with the Night Series cars. It appears in the headlights of all three models and on the key fob.

mercedes maybach


All three also can be had with an exclusive black-and-silver two-tone paint treatment, as well as single-tone black, white, and for the S-class sedans, gray. Inside, the Night Series models feature Exclusive nappa leather.

mercedes maybach


The S-class offers the hides in black pearl and deep white or black pearl with golden-gray piping. The SUVs offer black pearl or black pearl with crystal white. The SUVs also include natural grain herringbone-pattern wood trim with aluminum accents. Ambient lighting is specific to the Night Series models as is the startup animation that plays across the dashboard screen.

mercedes maybach


Night Series versions of the Mercedes-Maybach S-class and the EQS SUV will start appearing on the streets of the proverbial West Egg later this year, with the GLS SUV joining in early 2024.

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