Finally Take a Sex-Education Course Not Aimed at Making You Hate Yourself With The Modern Guide to Sex

The Modern Guide to Sex | $29 | Normal

The Modern Guide to Sex | $29 | Normal

The Australian sexual awareness brand Normal just released a new masterclass series designed to raise the standard of sex education—covering relationships, consent, sexual health, and pleasure—donning the title The Modern Guide to Sex.

This masterclass covers a number of topics often overlooked in the education system that can be incredibly important for anyone who is or is planning to be sexually active. The goal was to identify major gaps in the current sex-education curriculum impacting all ages, gender, and sexuality … bring that knowledge to the forefront… and then make it more accessible, more affordable, and of a higher quality than what is currently made available to Australians. For Americans reading, I can promise you our education wasn’t any better. The line from Mean Girls, “Don’t have sex … cause you will get pregnant … and die,” is unfortunately not too much of a stretch from the actual thing.

While sex-education has always had a strong emphasis on what not to do, The Modern Guide to Sex centers itself on what you should do in a sex-positive approach. The courses cover the following topics:

  • Understanding pleasure
  • Body, Self and Sexual Confidence
  • The Science of Foreplay, Arousal and Orgasms
  • Masturbation and Solo Exploration
  • Exploring Vaginal Sex
  • Exploring Anal and Oral Sex
  • Exploring V-on-V and P-on-P Sex
  • Boundaries and Consent Skills
  • Fostering Better Relationships
  • Sexual Health & Wellbeing
  • Pain During Sex

Sex education should be inclusive, practical, and evidence-based. Normal is working to make conversation around sex be free of stress, stigma, and regret to properly engage young adults.

The Modern Guide to Sex is available for the low price of just $29.

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