Expand Your MacBook Pro Storage with TarDisk ? : LGTV Review

In this show I’ll be doing an unboxing and review of the TarDisk; The Only Way To Expand Your MacBook Pro. Give new life to your older MacBook Pro with the TarDisk Expansion Card, and in some cases even your laptop will run faster… The whole process takes about 30-35 mins its the easiest way to upgrade your storage space on your MacBook Pro. Don’t forget get an extra 10% off if you mention you saw this video on YouTube…

NOTICE: Make sure to follow the online instructions before you begin (I didn’t but you should) Pearing your MacBook is a simple, but permanent process.

This is the one I review, however, they have about 10 different versions, look for the one that is compatible with your MacBook Pro

TarDisk 128GB | Storage Expansion Card for MacBook Pro (CD Drive) | P1315A:


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Hybrid Drive: Simplest way to increase onboard  MacBook Storage. Flush, seamless integration into SDXC slot for PCIe connection to system. Additional storage space is added directly to existing Hard Drive presenting the user with a single, larger, unified volume. Storage: 128GB integrated flash memory with precision UniBody Aluminum enclosure. Speed: up to 90MB/sec, (UHS-1, Speed Class-3) Fits: 13″ & 15″ MacBook Pro models with CD-drives.

HYBRID DRIVE: Instantly add 128GB of lighting-fast onboard flash memory storage to your 13″ or 15″ unibody  MacBook Pro with CD-Drive. TarDisk combines with internal volume to add this storage space directly to your SSD.

HARDWARE: Seated inside of a precision UniBody Aluminum enclosure, TarDisk takes advantage of next-generation flash memory controllers developed for high-definition 4k filming. The cooling effect of the Aluminum enclosure enables the use of premium, high-density, MLC flash memory modules to be used — the same as those found in many SSDs.

PERFORMANCE: When ”installed”, performance is matched to the standing performance of your existing Hard-Drive. This is achieved through dynamic storage, allocating frequently used files to your pre-existing Hard Drive and caching any large file before it is written to the TarDisk. With these processes occurring in the background, the user experience is seamless.

PLUG-AND-Play: Slide TarDisk into the side of your MacBook computer and you are done. No tools necessary for installation or removal and no effect on existing AppleCare. TarDisk is the worlds first plug-and-play Hybrid Drive: a Semi-Permanent Storage Expansion Drive.

This TarDisk supports any modern unibody-aluminum MacBook Pro with an SDXC port. Confirm that your computer has a CD-Drive or use the below model identifiers:

15″ MacBook Pro w/ CD drive: MacBookPro5,5
15″ MacBook Pro w/ CD drive: MacBookPro7,1
15″ MacBook Pro w/ CD drive: MacBookPro8,1
15″ MacBook Pro w/ CD drive: MacBookPro9,1
13” MacBook Pro w/ CD drive: MacBookPro5,3
13” MacBook Pro w/ CD drive: MacBookPro6,2
13” MacBook Pro w/ CD drive: MacBookPro8,2
13” MacBook Pro w/ CD drive: MacBookPro9,2

▁▂▃▅▆▇ HYBRID DRIVE ▇▆▅▃▂▁

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