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Elvis Presley’s 1962 Lockheed 1329 Private Jet, #Elvis #Presleys #Lockheed #Private #Jet

A jet fit for a king — or, in this case, the King. Elvis Presley bought this 1962 Lockheed 1329 JetStar in 1976, his second JetStar and third private jet, including the four-engine Convair 880, an early jet airliner that competed with the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8. A fleet of jets were neccessary to transport Elvis and his crew across the country and the world on tours and travel. Elvis owned this JetStar for just over a year before selling it. The jet was owned by a Saudi company before being retired to Roswell International Air Center in Roswell, New Mexico, where it’s been in storage for decades. The interior features overstuffed, crushed-velvet swivel seats, a microwave, tape deck stereo, and TV — although don’t expect to fly away to Graceland. The four pod-mounted engines and flight instruments have been removed, and the overall condition could be described as poor. A time capsule of a bygone era, this JetStar will go up for auction at Mecum’s 2023 Kissimmee event in January.

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