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Telestream Releases ScreenFlow 10 for Mac With Support for Recording From Multiple Sources at the Same Time, More

Telestream has announced the release of ScreenFlow 10 for Mac which brings an animated title library, new UI, support for recording from multiple sources at the same time, and much more.

ScreenFlow 10 is here! It has a completely new UI — refreshed for macOS Big Sur with a new customizable toolbar, reworked preferences windows, improved timeline track functionality and main menu organization. We’ve worked at making this the best screen recording and editing software on the market. We know you’ll love it.

What’s New in This Version:
● Title Library
We now have an integrated lower third and full screen title library with animations so you never have to build these elements yourself. The library is free and customizable, and what’s even better is that everything can be done within the ScreenFlow app to save you time and remove the need for additional 3rd party software.

● Simultaneous Screen, Camera and Mic Recording No other screen recording software offers this!
Record virtually anything on or attached to your computer – yes, we mean virtually anything. With ScreenFlow 10 you can record multiple cameras, microphones and screens simultaneously, plus iPhones and iPads for nearly limitless possibilities.

● Multi App Recording No other screen recording software offers this!
Want to record independent audio from multiple apps at the same time? Done. No need to redo everything if a notification accidentally comes through, just edit it out. We’ve also added a new low latency mode for users of Digital Audio Workstation software enabling power-user workflows.

● Video Filters
We’ve re-implemented color effects presets, re-coloring and more. Whether you use our built-in options, import your own Cube look-up table or use options from a 3rd party, make every video reflect your brand and elevate production value.

● Automatic Background Remover
Don’t have a green screen? Not a problem. ScreenFlow 10 comes with a state-of-the-art automatic Background Removal filter, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and is optimized for Apple’s M1 Neural Engine.

● Archive Storage
Let’s say you record 2 hours of video but edit it down to 30 minutes. With other software, the full two hours would still remain on your disk taking up valuable storage space. With ScreenFlow 10 we provide a destructive archive option so we’ll only store what’s being used in the final recording.

● Major Performance Enhancements
ScreenFlow 10 is packed full of behind-the-scenes improvements to make sure your ScreenFlow experience is the best it can be. Up to 250% smaller camera recording at the same quality as ScreenFlow 9, up to 75% less CPU usage during camera recording, up to 300% faster thumbnail creation on the ScreenFlow timeline and up to 66% faster export on Apple Silicon hardware are just a few of the ways ScreenFlow 10 is the best ScreenFlow yet.

ScreenFlow 10 supports Mac OS 10.15 Catalina – 11 Big Sur and the Apple Silicon M1 chip. It can be purchased from the link below for $149.

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