Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato

Before all-wheel-drive took over WRC rally racing, mid-engine rear-wheel-drive Italian cars like the Lancia Stratos and 037, the last rear-wheel-drive car to win the title, dominated. With cars like Safari 911s growing in popularity, Lamborghini has created an off-road Huracán concept called the Huracán Sterrato, using the same V10 and all-wheel-drive system as its street-going cousin Huracán Evo cousin. Changes to the ECU give more power lower in the RPM range, and the track has been widened over an inch, with almost two inches more ride height. Aluminum skid plates and side skirts combined with Kevlar body panels protect critical drivetrain components, and an LED lightbar and pods keep the road lit after dark. Lamborghini has already done the work, and seeing the Huracán Sterrato mixing it up in the WRC would be a beautiful thing.

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