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Ferrari FXX-K

The LaFerrari was a powerful reminder of what can happen when racing technology is borrowed for a street-going car. Now some of that car’s tech is being borrowed in the other direction for theΒ Ferrari FXX-K. While it shares the HY-KERS drivetrain system with its road-legal cousin, it ups the power even more β€” to an insane 1,050 hp β€” by adding new camshafts and redesigned intake manifolds, eliminating the silencers on the exhaust system, and other tricks. It also boasts new aerodynamic features that increase downforce more than 50 percent over the LaFerrari, sits on Pirelli P-Zero Slik tires that feature embedded acceleration sensors, and offers four track-ready performance modes: Qualify, Long Run, Manual Boost and Fast Charge, giving you control over how much power you need β€” and when.

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