Only produced from 1981 through 1983 by the short-lived DeLorean Motor Company, its innovative fiberglass chassis, brushed stainless steel body, gull-wing doors, and striking exterior made the DeLorean DMC-12 an easy choice for adventurous car buyers and the perfect vehicle to serve as a time machine. Thanks to the company getting lovingly resurrected, it’s easier than ever to hit 88 MPH in your own DeLorean.

Shortly after the company filed for bankruptcy in the early 1980’s, DeLorean owners started looking for a competent place to get their cars serviced. Enough of those owners wound up at the independent garage of Stephen Wynne. Over the next several years, he began going deeper and deeper down the DeLorean rabbit hole, until he finally purchased the DMC brand in 1995.

The reborn company bought up what parts were left, found fabrication shops to custom make new parts, and now offers everything from complete DeLoreans to horsepower upgrades. Wynne runs a 40,000 square foot headquarters in Houston that acts as the official DMC warehouse, showroom, service and restoration center, and company offices. The new DMC also has franchised locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Washington, and the Netherlands. [more at UNCRATE]

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