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Apple VR Headset Said to Feature Dual 8K Displays, Over 12 Cameras, Cost Around $3000 [Report]

Apple’s rumored VR headset could feature dual 8K displays, over a dozen cameras, and cost around $3000, according to new report from The Information.

A mixed-reality headset Apple is developing will be equipped with more than a dozen cameras for tracking hand movements and showing video of the real world to people wearing it, along with ultra-high-resolution 8K displays and advanced technology for eye tracking, according to a person with direct knowledge of the device.

Those are among a bevy of features Apple is planning for the headset, a device that could represent one of the company’s most ambitious efforts to build a new technology platform. The Information viewed internal Apple images of a late-stage prototype from last year, which show a sleek, curved visor attached to the face by a mesh material and swappable headbands. An artist’s rendering based on the images of the headset and created by The Information appears below.

At a possible price of $3000, Apple’s headset would compete with the Microsoft Hololens 2 at $3500. It’s said that the headband may be interchangeable so one style could feature additional battery life and another style could offer spatial audio.

Apple is also working on ways of controlling the headset, including hand tracking, eye tracking, a dial on the side of the headset, and a “thimble-like device” worn on your finger.

The device is expected to launch in 2022 at the earliest.

More details in the full report linked below…

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