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Hudway Glass Heads-Up-Display (HUD) for any Vehicle 🚘 : LGTV Review

ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀ In this show I’ll be reviewing the Hudway Glass turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud). It works with any smartphone and HUD app.Assists without distracting. Glass Transparency allows for a clear road view and display right in the driver’s line of sight. The reflected image is discernible in any visibility (day and night). Thanks for checking out my review! Let me know what you guys think!

Get it direct from Hudway: https://goo.gl/z4GfcD


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Hudway Glass Head-Up Display (Hud)
With Free APPs
Hudway Glass is the first accessory that turns a smartphone into a head-up display for any car.

Works with any smartphone and HUD app. Phone size: 6.2″ x 3.1″
Produce 20% Larger Image. Assists without distracting. Glass Transparency allows for a clear road view. Reflected image is discernible in any visibility (day and night)
Hudway Glass’ reflection rate allows to get a good reflection even on a clear day. When it’s dark outside, decrease your smartphone brightness to avoid the second reflection on the windshield.

Tips to get better reflection visibility in daytime:

-Adjust glass angle (the best reflection image is obtained at 53 degrees).

-Augment phone screen brightness.

-Opting for green UI elements (Like in HUDWAY, Sygic and Navmii apps).

Includes Two Mounts For Flexibility
This item comes with two types of mounts, the bendable base, and the slim one. This allows choice in which mount would fit your car’s dashboard.

The Jelly-glue that comes with it is reusable and leave no traces when they’re removed.

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