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Foxwell NT201OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool 🚘 : LGTV Review

ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀ In this show I’ll be reviewing the Foxwell OBD II Auto Code Scanner Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool. Great little gadget to diagnose your car especially when that engine light pops up. Dealer-level technology: diagnose, customize, and service your car. Thanks for checking out my review! Let me know what you guys think!

Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2BA05RQ

WARNING Disclaimer: While this gadget can help you get rid of the engine light, please keep in mind that if you don’t fix the problem and just reset the engine light your vehicle can seriously be damaged, GET IT FIXED! use at your own risk.


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Foxwell NT201 OBDII vehicle diagnostic code reader will work on standard OBD2/EOBD/JOBD & CAN domestic and import cars, light-duty truck (12v only), SUVs, mini-vans. European from the 2000 year, the US from the 1996 year, Asian from the 2008 year.TIPS: The scanner can not work on hybrid cars and electric cars.
This automotive scanner with unique one-click I/M readiness status design, which fast to scan vehicle’s engine healthy status. Red-Yellow-Green LED indicators to allow you easily determine whether your vehicle meets the State Emission Monitor Status and assists you to pass the Smog Check.
The car computer diagnostic tester will read/erase engine fault codes and show the DTC definition on the screen. Quickly and efficiently troubleshoot the cause of check engine light and reset monitors. View Freeze Frame data. Show live data in the text and graph format.
Built-in speaker and 2.4’TFT colorful LCD display screen provide a visual and audible indication for readiness verification. Unique dust-resistant surface allows this auto code reader scanner more durable and stronger.
Plug and play. No need any batteries, get power directly from the OBD2 interface in your vehicle. Multilingual menu supports English, Spanish etc. Tips: We encounter competitor’s continuous negative reviews in recent few days.Dear customer, if you check these reviewer’s profile you will understand they are a professional team. Please buy with confidence.

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